About Content Writing Services.

Content is not just about being creative. It is necessary to get all the facts right before writing content. We at Big Cube begin with collecting the data, facts related to our clients. We study what are your strengths and weaknesses, who are your competitors, who are your target audiences and what are their expectations.

Based on their expectations, we make a strategy to design the content that would well describe your product and services and also influence your target audiences. We build the content with aim of increasing the sales thereby the profits too.

Here we begin the creative process. We wear on our thinking caps to provide the most creative content. Our content writers are mastered in providing attractive content which is also informative. After writing, we make sure that there are no loop holes and edit the content until it is precise and includes all the information. Our responsibility is not just finished here. We also help you in sharing this content to large number of audience on various platforms like :
■    SEO Writing
■    Blog Writing
■    Website Writing
■    FB Post
■    Product Description

Perfect SEO Content :

The answer to successful SEO is great content. Our writers use your keywords to create keyword rich content that ranks high on Google. SEO campaigns succeed when your content is focused on two audiences – search engine crawlers and human readers. When planning your content calendar, attach topics to keywords that your audience will be searching for. By doing this, you give every page that you publish an SEO purpose.

Some SEO content writing services only focus on keyword integration. Keywords are important, but the game today is different. Much of the focus today is on engagement and inducing sharing across social networks. For this, you need SEO content writing services that deliver exciting and unique content to your audience.

SEO without social media no longer exists. We live in a completely integrated marketing world. Google is looking for queues from social networks like Twitter and Facebook to judge how popular (or reputable) your content is. Publishing great content that gives people value will cause a viral effect as they tweet, retweet, and Like your content. Google will register this activity and push your website to the top of the search results.

Build a Powerful Blog :

Become a thought leader in your industry and generate valuable search traffic by consistently publishing great content to your blog. Converting visitors into buyers happens when customers trust your brand. By maintaining an active blog with vibrant discussion around industry topics, you can influence how the market perceives you. As your reputation grows, your target audience starts to see you as a thought leader in the industry. When they have questions or need industry related information, they come back to your website and browse through your blog posts. This is the content marketing approach. Instead of bombarding your audience with paid ads, create content that they love. Engaging content draws visitors to your site who you can then convert into customers.

Your blog is the center of your social media marketing strategy. Content you publish to your blog acts as social media fuel. Your audience grabs onto it and shares it through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks. The result is more eyes on your brand and engaged traffic back to your website.

Beautiful Web Content :

Your website is your most important marketing tool. Impress your visitors and earn their trust with professional content. Let us write your Homepage, About Us page, or any other page on your website. With thousands of website content writers in our reach, we have a writer with the experience, background, and skill level required to write perfect content that amplifies your brand. Let our system match your project with qualified website content writers or talk to your account manager about the perfect fit for your website.

After you work with a website content writer who you really like, we make it easy for you to keep working with that writer going forward. Just use the simple tools built into our lightweight order form to select writers from previous jobs. Writers become stronger with every job they complete for you because they learn your brand and start to anticipate your needs.

If you’re building a massive website, you came to the right place. We can match you with a high volume writer or assign a team of writers to your website content project. On the other hand, if you only need one or two pages written, we make it easy for you to get your content quickly. There are no contracts or commitments at Crowd Content. Our minimum deposit amount is $15, allowing you to get as little or as much content as you need.

Build Loyal Fans :

Connect with talented writers and buy Facebook Posts that drive your community forward. We help you engage your audience and build lasting relationships for your brand. Our talented social media writers create custom Facebook Posts based on your detailed instructions. Looking for links or images, simply specify this in your brief and your writers do the rest! After your Facebook Posts are created, they automatically appear on your Hootsuite dashboard. From there, you can schedule and publish them as desired.

By combining our powerful Campaigns scheduling tool with our Facebook Post and Tweet ordering platform, your social media strategy is completely automated. Easily schedule how many social media posts you need and when you need them, then sit back and wait for your writing team to create your posts based on your instructions. If you use Hootsuite, that’s just another step in the process that we can automate. Our approved app sends your social media posts directly to your Hootsuite dash — no copying or pasting required!

Impress Your Shoppers :

Whether you need thousands of unique product descriptions or just a few, our crowd of talented writers can help. They’re pretty fast, too. Our interface is easy to use, allowing you to create and manage thousands of product descriptions. We even offer managed services for high volume orders. It’s well known now that Google will penalize your site if you are using the same product descriptions as the manufacturer. In other words, Google will not place your site on the first page of the search results if you have this duplicate content. Use our crowd of writers to easily re-write thousands of manufacturer descriptions into fresh, unique product descriptions that Google will notice. Your website will benefit instantly from increased search traffic. Even better, this spike in traffic will last for months or even years to come.

Delivering a complete and fulfilling experience to your customer can get them talking about your store. That’s why every product counts. Look at all your products as an opportunity to build out the story of your brand.