About Digital Marketing Services.

Everyone and everything is on the internet now. This has lead to the digital marketing to make promotion of the product/ service easier. Digital marketing is about promoting a product/ service with use of digital media like social media platforms, emails, SMS etc. It is important to meet your audience at the right place and the right time. With Digital marketing it is easy for you to connect with the audience as they are already on the internet. Digital Marketing begins with your website/app and continues with your regular updates on social media platforms, SMS and emails to the customers, blog posts, online look books etc.

Digital marketing works for any kind of business. It helps you reach out to the customers globally. With digital marketing the results are quick. This shows what are your audience actually expecting from you and focus on things that would attract them before they get deviated.

Since the world is on the internet, you can always stay on the mind of your customers with timely updates and making them choose you over your competitors.

Search Engine Optimization :

Today’s generation wants all information in split seconds and just a click away. If you’re not found in the quick results then you definitely lose on many potential customers. Search engine optimization ensures that your target audience finds you easily. SEO makes your work smarter and faster.

The aim of SEO is to gain more traffic and this can be done using various tools. To begin with, we write content that is SEO friendly. While keeping the content SEO friendly we also take care that the content is appealing to the users.

Secondly, we do keyword optimization. This is done by optimizing the webpage with focus on keywords. Through this it becomes easy for the users to find you on search engines without any difficulty. This enables your company to pop up when the users are searching related content online using keywords.

Our next focus is on the loading time of the webpage. It is the major problem of many websites. You can’t take the risk of losing on potential customers with slow loading website. We at Big Cube use different compression techniques to optimize your webpage enabling quick results. We also add rich mark-ups to attract more traffic to your website. These rich mark-ups are helpful to gain more popularity on different platforms. This gives the users a better understanding of your website.

Social media optimization :

SMO is about creating content that is more shareable, tweetable and likeable. To reach your target audience, your content needs to be engaging. Big Cube offers the best SMO services in the city. Firstly we begin with setting up a social media profile for your company. This acts as a foundation. The profile is not just made appealing but we also make sure that it is active. We will make a research and study the online behavior of your potential customers. We see how and when the users are reacting to the posts and design a schedule based on that.

We write content that is interesting and keeps your customers engaged. We just do not limit ourselves to descriptive content but also add visual content by using videos, infographics, photos etc to captivate the audience. Hashtags are the new friends of digital marketing companies. These are helpful to keep your company trending online. They give a way for your audience to locate you easily. We at Big Cube create hashtags for your company which are creative and help you trend on all social media platforms.

Web Analytics :

Conversion Rate Optimization is about increasing the number of visitors to your web page. Big Cube services include improved conversion rate optimization for e-commerce websites. CRO is required to keep your customers engaged with the company. We start with building a perfect landing page which is important to convert the traffic towards the company. We emphasize on the strengths of the company and use them to attract the audience.

We at Big Cube have a skilled team who work on conversion. We study the complex consumer behavior and then figure out how to make best use of your resources and utilize them to improve your sales in the market. We also provide you guidelines on the needs of your average customer. This is helpful to keep your average customer satisfied and thereby enabling flow of traffic. We constantly monitor your website and keep a track on the progress.

Google Ad words (PPC) :

Pay per click advertising is one of the efficient ways of internet marketing. Google is the most influential platform to display your ads. Through Google ad words you can reach your target audience globally. This connects you with the potential customers when they try looking up for products or services you offer. Google Ad words are not just confined to text based ads but are of various types.

We at Big Cube have skilled designers who create ads for you based on your requirement. You can choose from text-based ads to YouTube ads to graphic ads. All these are made in a creative way to attract large number of audiences. We help you go from local to global. From time to time you can see to how many people your ads have reached and we can also target the specific audience who are more beneficial to your company.
Display ads: These ads can be posted on different Google platforms including Gmail. They can be text-based ads or graphic ads. They can easily grab the attention of the users.
Video ads: YouTube acts as an ideal platform for video ads. They can be played before any video. This has more chances of gaining traffic if made in a right way and our creative heads bring out best video ads.
Search ads: These appear when the user searches for relatable content. With the use of keywords it is easy to direct the users to your webpage or app.

Email marketing :

Email marketing is primarily to promote your product or service. But it also builds a healthy relationship between the producer and consumer. A smart email campaign attracts attention in busy inboxes. It is important to follow up constantly or else there is a risk of losing out on customers. With email campaigning there is risk to get tagged as spammers so it requires strategy to carry out an email campaign.

Our first priority is to get the permission of your consumers. This ensures that your emails are not blocked. It is important to get white listed if you want to remain in contact with your potential customers.

Secondly we study the consumer behavior so that it helps us to know how often we can send emails and what the expectations are of the consumers from your company. We can’t take the risk of spamming the inboxes or also fail to deliver or provide updates to the consumers.

Thirdly we enable an auto responder which immediately responds to the customer queries. As you get busy with business, you tend to forget to reply to the consumer emails. It is when you lose out on the potential customers. An auto responder will save you at these crucial times.

Lastly we also keep a track on how well the campaign is working and how it is helping in improving the productivity of the company. Here we focus on three things. Open rate, click through rate and rate of unsubscription.

Open rate helps us to know how well you have built the relationship with your consumers and also shows if anyone has started deleting you upon their recipient list.

CTR shows if your message is targeted enough or not. If it is low then there is a need to focus on creating relevant content.

If the unsubscription rate is high then it is high time to take the work seriously and also update the ways on how to reach out to the customers and make changes in the creative content and respond timely to the queries.